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Welcome to the world of aviation! Sunshine Coast Flight Training will guide you through your training, General Aviation Licence (RPL or PPL) or RA-Aus Pilot Certificate. We are now fully CASR Part 141 approved for GA flight training.

'We are the first flight school in Queensland to obtain full CASR Part 141 certification for GA Flight Training'

We are a family owned and operated approved Flight School. 

Our Chief Flight Instructor (CFI) / Head of Operations, Tim has been involved in aviation for many years and has vast experience in Flight Training. Tim has over 20 years in aviation and nine years' experience as a CFI, he holds an Airline Transport Pilot Licence as well as been an Instructor Trainer, General Aviation Grade One Instructor and CASA GA Flight Examiner. Tim Is also a CASA Licenced Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (LAME), and holds a Level two maintenance authority from RA-Aus, so the fleet of aircraft are always in A1 condition and you can fly with confidence that the aircraft are well maintained.

Sunshine Coast Flight Training Australia at Gympie was formed by Tim and Anita. Tim's wife Anita is also a Senior RA-Aus Instructor and Commercial pilot with a Grade 2 (GA) Instructor rating. Tim and Anita came to Australia from New Zealand in 2011 to pursue the flying dream here on the Sunshine Coast.

All Flight instruction is provided by Tim or Anita, this ensures consistent professional training at a cost effective price and the peace of mind that you are getting the same instructors each time you come. This is important as you learn to fly. As both owners and operators, we are aware that you are the student and customer and deserve the best we can offer.

Tim gained his Senior Instructor rating and CFI after working as a pilot in the UK, NZ, USA and Africa flying a wide variety of aircraft, and has since utilized the experience he has to inspire potential pilots into achieving an excellent skill. Tim holds a CASA Flight Examiner Rating as well as a CASA Grade 1 instructor rating. This enables him to conduct both recreational (Ra-Aus) and general aviation (GA) Flight Reviews and Flight tests. Tim is also a Business Jet pilot here in Australia.

Sunshine Coast Flight Training strives to provide personalised flight training to suit your needs in High Performance Recreational Aircraft and GA training towards Recreational Pilots Licence, Private Pilots Licence, endorsement training as well as General Aviation Flight reviews. We provide a friendly service to help you work towards your goal. Please talk to Tim or Anita about any needs you may have. They will be happy to help you.

We hope you enjoy your training with Sunshine Coast Flight Training (SCFT).

Full Time Staff

We are the only professional family owned Flight Training school on the airfield with full-time staff /owners available seven days a week, to provide Flight Training, Flight Tests and Flight reviews in both Recreational and GA aircraft. 

We accept Visa, Mastercard, EFTPOS, Cash and Direct Credit.

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