Prices & Packages

Recreational (Ra-Aus) and CASA General Aviation (GA) Aircraft 

Trial Introduction Flight $95.00

The trial flight is your first hands on introduction flight. You will be assisted by a qualified flight instructor to take off, fly around the local area and experience the joy of flying a powered aircraft.

Package Includes: a pre-flight brief, a 20 minute flight, and a de-brief. Please allow 90 minutes.


3 Flight Package $299.00

This package gives you a more in-depth feel for seeking a pilot's licence. You will be taught the first three individual lessons towards your RA-Aus Pilot Certificate.

You will receive a full pre-flight brief and de brief. Each flight will be approximately 30 minutes in duration.


Up to Solo $2,695

From zero flight experience to your first solo flight. This package includes 15hrs of flight training that prepares you for your first solo flight.

Gift Vouchers

We can provide gift vouchers for any occasion with a flight package to suit your requirements. This could be anything from the 20 minute trial flight to the full RA-Aus Pilot certificate package.

There is no additional charge for a voucher.

*GA Flight training towards your RPL, PPL, endorsement training or Flight reviews all conducted in-house*

In-House Flight Examiner and Grade 1 instructor for testing and assessments 

Prices per hour

Sportstar High Performance Aircraft 2 place (Ra-Aus)

Private Hire = $165 P/H or part thereof
Training = $210 P/H or part thereof

Cessna 150 (GA)

Private Hire = $195

Training = $265  Fully approved Part 141 flight training

Cessna 172

Private Hire = $245

Training = $325 PRL, PPL, CPL CASA Part 141 registered.

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