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We offer both Recreational (Ra-Aus) and General Aviation (GA) 

GA - Flight Reviews
GA - Flight Training under CASR Part 141
GA - Flight Tests  RPL, PPL, CPL, Night, Instructor ratings and English language Proficiency (ELP)
GA - Aircraft Hire (Cessna 150 or 172)
Talk to us about gaining your Recreational Pilots Licence (RPL) or Private Pilots Licence (PPL) or Commercial Pilots Licence (CPL).
Ra-Aus - Student pilot through to Instructor ratings (all exams and flight tests in house)
Conversions from Ra-Aus to RPL or PPL to Ra-Aus 


Trial Flight
RA-Aus Membership
10-15 hours dual training
Pre Solo Exam
First Solo
20 hours flight time (min)
Theory exams
Flight Test
RAA-Aus Pilot Certificate


Passenger endorsement - 10 hours (min PIC)

Cross Country - 12 hours (2hrs Solo)

There are many other options that you can add to your certificate, just talk to your instructor and they will guide you through the options.

We are a fully registered Recreational Aviation Australia (RA-Aus) Flight Training Facility.

We Offer training from ab-initio (Zero Flight Time) to obtaining your RA-Aus Pilot Certificate and then we are fully approved to conduct and test for Instructor ratings.

We can do advanced training for the following endorsements / knowledge:

  • Passenger
  • Cross Country
  • High Performance
  • Low Performance
  • Radio Operator
  • Nose Wheel
  • Tail Wheel
  • Retractable Undercarriage
  • In Flight Adjustable Propeller
  • Controlled Airspace
  • Instructor

  • The student pilot must be at least 15 years of age and be a current RA-Aus member before he/she can fly solo.
  • The average person requires approximately 12 to 18 hours dual training with an instructor before undertaking their first solo and have passed the Pre Solo exam.

Medical Requirements

You will be required to sign a medical declaration form before you may fly solo. If you hold a CASA pilot medical class1 or class2 that is current, this will suffice this rule in the RAA-Aus Operations Manual.

REQUIREMENTS FOR A RA-Aus Pilot Certificate

A minimum of 20 hours flight time comprising of at least 5 hours solo flight time

(If you have previous experience, please enquire with your instructor.)

Passes theory exams

  1. Air law
  2. BAK
  3. Flight navigation (Optional)
  4. Radio Operators Certificate (Optional)
  5. Human Factors

SCFT has comprehensive exam study material and conduct ground theory courses throughout the year to prepare students for these examinations.


A total of 12 hours navigation training is required comprising of at least 2 hours solo. Reach the required Standard and sit the written exam. Once you have completed this you will sit a flight test with the CFI.

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