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Our cockpit with Garmin 495 GPS Radio and Transponder

Sunshine Coast Flight Training offers the Evektor Sportstar and Cessna aircraft for training and private hire.

Cessna 150 100hp

Cessna 172M 160hp all leather.

Everton Sportstar 100hp Rotax 912


Evektor-Aerotechnik is one of the world's largest manufacturers of light sport aircraft, advanced ultralight and very light aircraft, with over 40 years experience in aircraft manufacturing, EASA-certified production and a sales network in 40+ countries all around the world.

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This long production tradition, a team of the best aviation professionals with experience from light sport to utility turboprop airplanes combined with the application of the latest aviation standards, creates a synergy that enables Evektor-Aerotechnik to produce aircraft of the highest value for their customers.

A fleet of well over 1,000 aircraft has been delivered by Evektor-Aerotechnik to flight schools, aero-clubs and private pilots worldwide.

Evektor Sportstar aircraft represent the pinnacle of quality standards - these are exceptionally well-built flying machines.

Evektor aircraft are all manufactured to exacting GA standards, with full traceability of parts. In the SportStar, all joints are mastic bonded as well as riveted for longevity and strength, and any hollow rivets are filled before painting to further prolong life. All airframes are etch-primer corrosion proofed to the highest standards.

Sportstar Max 24-7190

The SportStar Max is a fully EASA Part 21 certified aircraft. It was designed from the very beginning with flight school operation in mind; the aircraft has a robust all-metal airframe which was designed for easy maintenance and low operation costs. The SportStar Max is powered by a cerfified Rotax 912 - benefiting from favourable price and availability of unleaded automotive fuel compared to AVGAS. The average fuel consumption is just 15 litres per hour resulting in operational costs almost half that of conventional GA training aircraft.

The SportStar Max has excellent flight characteristics, stability and outstanding control harmony. The SportStar has also passed extensive spin testing proving the aircraft's ability to handle spins. SportStar operational reliability has been proven by many flight schools in USA, Canada, Australia and other countries where the LSA version of theaircraft has been operated for many thousands of flying hours and many tens of thousands of landings.

We also now operate a Cessna 150 and Cessna 172. These aircraft are available now, for Hire, Flight Reviews and Flight Training towards RPL, PPL, CPL and NVFR as well as Instructor upgrades and testing.

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